The Stewart Piano Method

Piano Method What is special about the Stewart Piano Method?

Book 1 of Mrs Stewart's Piano Lessons has 25 ready to use lesson plans and usually takes about 30 weeks to complete. (That is less than $1 per lesson!) Each lesson in the method contains a detailed lesson plan for the student to follow. The teacher keeps the remaining lessons and introduces the next lesson plan when the student is ready. Each lesson page has room for the teacher to add extra written material. STEWART PIANO© has been a tried and proven method for over 50 years.

Piano Method What kinds of music do the students play?

STEWART PIAN0© starts with BIG sounding music all over the keyboard. Students learn quickly .... the first 15 lessons acquaint them with the keyboard and get their fingers working before note reading starts. They learn 12 Major scales transposing melodies into these scales and pieces with chords. By the time they reach Lesson 16 where note reading begins, the student is well acquainted with the keyboard and eye-hand coordination is working smoothly.

Piano Method What ages can learn Stewart Piano?

The Pre-School Book is designed for the average 5 to 7 year old to learn a new lesson each week. Younger children stay on each lesson longer and adults move more quickly through the lessons. Any pre schooler who desires to play the piano can learn STEWART PIANO if that child can recognize ABCDEFG and 1234567. Many 3 and 4 year olds are ready and eager to play.

Piano Method Why teach in groups?

Children learn best in small groups of 4 or 5 children. The teacher needs only one piano. They learn from each other and develop confidence about playing in front of people. They stimulate each other to practice. STEWART PIANO lessons are flexible and accommodate fast as well as slow learners in the group. The teacher is freed from writing lesson plans and can spend the time teaching instead of writing.