Home Schooling Piano Is Effective and Fun

Homeschoolers taught by Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons for Preschool, Adults, Children, Teachers and Homeschooling

Preschool to Adult Homeschoolers

Adults learn piano playing and piano theory while teaching their children in a homeschool environment.

Mrs. Stewart's Piano Lessons is a tried and proven method to teach the piano to all ages and the wonderful thing about the lessons is that no prior piano knowledge is necessary. It is a natural for the homeschooler.   Everything is in the lessons. Supplemental support is available on video and in the annual Stewart Piano Workshop.

Mrs. Stewart's Piano Lessons has been in existence for over 30 years with a demonstrated history of parents teaching their children with great success.  Homeschoolers have found it to be easy to understand and fun.  It is also  easy on the pocketbook!

Mrs. Stewart's method teaches music theory, harmony and transposing while learning to play the piano using real music with  emphasis on having fun.  Our theory is if you are not enjoying what you are doing,  you will not learn.

For those who would like extra teaching help a 105 minute video is available.  The Music In Minutes Video takes you step by step through the basic philosophy of Stewart Piano and the 25 lessons included in Book 1 of Mrs. Stewart's Piano Lessons.  It can be used both for general information for experienced teachers and as a teaching tool for those with limited or no musical background when the individual lessons are used one at a time.

Additionally, the annual Stewart Piano Workshop is held every year the first weekend after labor day in September at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lake, Michigan.  It is a fun two day workshop for all who want to learn the Stewart Piano Method and to share their experiences with it.  Come join the fun.

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Mrs Stewart's Piano Lessons is for Piano Teachers, Children, Adults, Home Schoolers and Do-It-Yourselfers. Learn to play the piano with this extraordinary method which uses real music as the vehicle for learning piano theory and technique.