Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons

A Beginning Piano Method for Preschool, Adults, Children, Teachers, Homeschool and Group Teaching.

"The piano keyboard is the map upon which the geography of music may be traced by small fingers."

Mrs Elsie Stewart pictured with her piano at home.

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons  ELSIE M. STEWART  Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons

Mrs Stewart started to teach chords, melodies and scales to young children after she, herself, discovered that college students often came for music study without the faintest notion of how to build scales and chords. She decided she would somehow find a better method for preparatory students. She received her Masters Degree from Northwestern University and also studied at the McPhail School, as well as the Minneapolis College of Music. She studied under well known teachers including Glenn Dillard Gunn, Gabriel Fenyves, and Master Classes with Dr Rudolph Ganz.

"Everyone can learn to read music like a newspaper, but they must be given only the best - the tunes they like - anything else is a waste of time!"