Comments From Teachers and Students

With The Stewart Piano Method Teachers, Home Schoolers, Groups, Play Real Music, Learn Music Theory and it's Easy and Fun........................................

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons "You can learn it......

You can teach it......

You can understand it......

It works for all ages.......

3-90 years old."

Betsy R.
Piano Teacher

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons "I teach a couple of families where I've observed the younger sibling in the Stewart Method advancing more quickly than the older sister or brother and the Stewart students show an easier accomplishment overall...they are able to play chords and chord accompaniments faster and easier, transpose earlier and show a comfortable familiarity at the keyboard earlier.
As a teacher of several methods, I find the Stewart Method more comprehensive.

Lynn H.
Piano Teacher

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons "My colleagues at college lacked transposition, keyboard harmony and the concept of scales skills. The Stewart Method teaches these things right from the start."

Erica D.
Piano Teacher

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"Kids who come for piano lessons can play a song at their very first lesson.
Stewart Piano can be used for individuals from age 3 to forever and everyone gets the gratification of being able to make their own music right away. It doesn't matter what age they are."

Edith L.
Piano Teacher

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"My now six year old daughters have happily worked through the Pre-School Book and are working on playing the first songs with chords in Book I. They say: "Its' fun" and "I like the exercises" and "I like Mrs Stewart". On 'school days' without being forced, but with my support and attention, they work for 30+ minutes on the piano. Mrs Stewart's method has me understand basic chords and transposing in a way that helps me to play a reasonable accompaniment in 'A' to my daughters beginning Susuki violin even when the accompaniment book is too difficult for me."

Elizabeth W.
Home Schooling Mother


Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"I grew up with a concert quality, piano playing brother. I never learned to play, myself. However, while teaching my young daughter to play, I learned to play two-handed melodies. Mrs Stewart's Piano Lessons are wonderful!"

Leda G.


Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"The Greeks understood that the basic subjects that you teach a student are music and art. Later on they will understand math and science but they won't understand them as well if they don't have music and art first. I've been teaching Stewart Piano for nine years and I just love it!"

Penny H.
Piano Teacher

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"Play tunes immediately AND with chords."

Jenny S.
Happy 8 year old.

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"If you can write something in scale numbers, it's musical shorthand. You don't have to write a bunch of notes out. You can add the harmony and its just a joy and children can do it. It opens up a wonderful vista that anyone can enjoy. You do the things you always wished you could do and its easy.
Mrs Stewart was a genius.
She made the difficult things easy.
She gives us a map for doing it."

Betsy R.
Piano Teacher

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"The Stewart Method should be compulsory for all teachers of beginners."

Sister Mary Gilbert
Montessori School Teacher

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"Important things come at the beginning, fit together easily,flow nicely -- it's a joy to learn this way."

Gail B.
Adult Beginner

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"I am very excited about discovering the Stewart Lessons and I strongly recommend them, not just for children starting the piano, but also for the adult beginner. In fact, the lessons might be useful to many adults who already do quite a bit of piano playing; Mrs Stewarts might cure any fear of "hard keys" and in general help the student better understand what he is doing"

John H.
Music Critic

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"The blind student needs a good background in music theory, and an understanding of music theory is basic to your method.
It seems ideal for the blind child"

Mary M.
Library of Congress

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"Lessons unfold naturally. You only need to recognize
1234567 and ABCDEFG and you can play."

Lisa M.
Mother of 5 year old

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"THIS IS A LOT OF FUN!"

4 Year Old Student

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons"This method introduces students to the keyboard with finger numbers. Groups and individuals from three years old and up, (even adults), can benefit from this approach, which includes singing. Children often fight learning note names, and I have found that this approach gets them playing before they start to read."

Judy S.
Music Critic

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons "THE EASY WAY TO PLAY!
A quick, easy way to learn the geography of
music -- transposing made easy."

Sarah H.
Piano Teacher

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons "Faster and more interesting than conventional
methods -- it's a varied menu."

Mary J.

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons "During an audition (of one of my students) for Fernando Laires of Interlocken Arts Academy, he was so impressed with the quality of her instruction that he asked to be shown how children could be taught the structure of music and so readily play and sing scales and chords, transpose at sight, etc., whereupon I replied, 'using the Stewart books as text'."

Sister Mary Andrew.
Piano Teacher

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons "Here's the best way to teach yourself to play the keyboard."

Karen N.
Adult Beginner

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons "This (Mrs Stewart's Piano Lessons) creates a feeling of 'I can do this!' -- removes the fear element."

Dorothy H.
Adult Beginner

Mrs Stewarts Piano Lessons "The Stewart Method is the most natural, logical and through approach imaginable."

Karen M.